buy extended car warranty in canada

Should Canadian Drivers Buy An Extended Service Contract?

buy extended car coverage in canadaBigger, better, newer - this philosophy drives the automotive market. Vehicles are engineered to impress, yielding the latest in performance technology; and peeking beneath a hood will reveal a series of innovations.

It will also reveal complicated - and oh-so-delicate - systems that can malfunction without warning.

Automotive Authority recognizes that life (much like technology) doesn’t always go to plan, which is why we recommend extended warranties. Our team has painstakingly researched these options, wanting to ensure that they deliver value; and we believe they offer both the insurance and assurance needed to protect each driver's  investment. 

Understanding Comprehensive Coverage In Canada

The cost of owning a car extends far beyond the initial purchase. As Global News explains, Canadians will see their budgets shatter each year, spending between $500 to $700 on basic maintenance procedures; and this number skyrockets with unexpected purchases (such as replacing advanced electronics). Thousands of dollars are needed, with an average 5% increase noted annually when repairing computer-controlled systems. 

This is why Comprehensive Coverage proves crucial - affording drivers the lowest risk of having to face expensive maintenance bills. This plan delivers full protection against electronic failures in Canada, countering the sudden loss of emission, fuel, electric, heating, and cooling systems. It offers complete support, boasting both transferable benefits and low deductibles to ensure that families can easily replace the:
  • Starter Motor
  • Ignition Module
  • Powertrain Control Module
  • Mechanical Fuel Tank Sending Unit
  • Camshaft Sensors 
  • EGR Solenoid
  • … and more.
Through Comprehensive Coverage, drivers can achieve total vehicle care - reducing both financial burdens and frustration.

Understanding Powertrain Coverage In Canada

buy extended car coverage in canada Each year families find themselves facing sudden vehicle breakdowns - struggling (as a study from IMR Automotive Research revealed) with engine failures, master clutch malfunctions, and more. Repairs are needed… and too often do they prove costly.

Powertrain Coverage, therefore, becomes a budget balm. Focusing on everyday vehicle needs, this plan yields dedicated internal mechanical support - allowing individuals to quickly replace engine, transmission, transfer case, turbocharger/supercharger, and drive axle components. These elements endure considerable wear throughout the year, and this leaves them vulnerable to both breakage and expensive repairs. Utilizing an extended warranty helps to relieve the stress and restore optimal performance. 

Among the items protected by Powertrain Coverage are:
  • Cylinder Block and Cylinder Heads
  • OHC Carrier
  • Intercooler
  • Encoder Motor
  • Seals and Gaskets
  • Torque Converter
  • …. and more.
Powertrain Coverage enables drivers to achieve peace-of-mind while traveling.

Comprehensive and Powertrain Coverage In Canada: Which Is Best?

Every driver boasts specific lifestyle and financial needs - which is why the ability to choose between Comprehensive and Powertrain Coverage proves important. Each decision can suit the individual, and this assures a more seamless experience.

For those wishing to ensure full automotive support, however, a Comprehensive package is suggested by dealerships. It extends beyond the mechanical, defending against costly electronic malfunctions; and its customisation is greater, with drivers able to tailor their warranties and protections as needed. Through this, future repairs are far easier to face… and afford. 

Choosing A Coverage Plan In Canada: Benefits

buy extended car coverage in canadaAccording to the Automotive Industries Association (AIA) of Canada, the average vehicle age is 10 years - with drivers keeping their cars, crossovers, and pick-up trucks longer than before. Because of this, choosing a protection plan is crucial. Parts will break; electronics will fail; and repairs will be needed, with everyday traveling taking a heavy toll.

The necessity for coverage can’t be denied... but neither can the benefits.

Long-Term Savings

AIA reported that advanced vehicle repairs cost drivers an estimated $1,100 (while average hourly shop rates of $100 can turn even the simplest part replacements into financial nightmares). By choosing a protection plan, however, these concerns can be negated: with services covered and no sudden expenses to fret over. Long-term savings are assured.

Increased Re-Sale Value

According to Consumer Reports, reliability ranks among the most important purchasing metrics when considering a new or used car - with 95% of North American drivers wanting to ensure that they invest wisely. Providing an extended warranty*, therefore, will be enticing when re-selling your vehicle. It offers a sense of security, promising easy repairs and easier coverage; and receiving support from a trusted financial group will inspire confidence. This translates to considerable value for shoppers.

*Both Comprehensive and Powertrain plans can be transferred to new owners. 

Member Perks

Protection plans provide more than seamless part replacements. They also emphasize convenience, with members receiving: 
Emergency Roadside Assistance - this 24/7 service offers fuel delivery, towing and locksmith support, mechanical first aid, and tire changes to stranded members.

Replacement Vehicle Options - if a breakdown results in the need for alternative transportation (such as a taxi, bus, or rental car), members may receive reimbursement for the expense. 

Long-Distance Aid - should a covered incident occur more than 100 kilometres from a member’s home and require overnight repairs, motel and restaurant expenses may be reimbursed. 

Custom Costs - drivers can take control of their budgets, with $100 and $200 deductibles available. This affords greater flexibility and lessens financial strain.

National Coverage - receive immediate support when traveling in Canada, with both plans servicing dealer repairs across the country.

Choosing a coverage plan promises convenience - for now and the future.

Find The Best Protection Plan For Your Needs: Contact Your Local Dealership To Learn More

There is only one guarantee when it comes to the road: eventually, it will undermine your vehicle's performance capabilities, leaving you with broken parts and sudden costs. Inject security into each adventure, therefore, by choosing a custom coverage plan. 
  • Maximize your savings.
  • Reduce your anxiety.
  • Receive exclusive member perks.
The value of Comprehensive and Powertrain Coverage can’t be denied. Begin your journey today by contacting your local dealership.


Should I Buy an Extended Car Warranty?

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buy extended car warranty in canada