OmniChannel Retailing: The Wave of the Future

Catch the Wave With Eyes On Auto Today—and Reap the Massive Benefits

Multichannel retail techniques enable consumers to shop the way they want—online, through social channels, or in the physical showroom. But that likely means each channel is operating in a silo.

That approach is played out and antiquated.

OmniChannel retailing pulls all channels together for 
a high-quality, integrated customer experience. Sales and marketing are all under one umbrella, leading to greater customer engagement and bigger sales.

Not convinced? Review the independent case studies below to understand the immense value Eyes On Auto can deliver to your business.

Retail Technology: Do Dealerships Have Too Many Tools in the Toolshed? (PDF)


Dealers use a ton of vendors. CDK has released a study that indicates dealers utilize 14 service providers on average, ranging from digital marketing to CRM systems. That said, 78-percent remark that they wish they had someone to lean on to inform them as to how best to understand their metrics and maximize performance.

The takeaway: At dealerships, there may be too many tools in the toolshed.