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Efficiency extends beyond fuel consumption. It’s also found in savings - with the CASE 580 EV Backhoe Loader helping to lessen overall work-site expenses and improve operations throughout BC. 

This all-electric platform - which is the industry’s first - has been fitted with a lithium-ion battery pack, forgoing usual diesel components for an emission-free experience; and this will prove crucial to BC fleets, enabling them to achieve greater financial flexibility. Due to this machine’s unique configuration it will lessen total costs by an estimated 90%. Traditional expenses (such as exhaust fluid and engine oil) will be eliminated, and overall labour rates will be reduced since the system doesn’t require the same high levels of upkeep. Long-term servicing and maintenance won't be as extensive; and, additionally, some operations may even reap the benefits of exclusive government incentives. 

These programs will prove especially useful - helping to subsidize overall costs by encouraging BC operators to switch to low-emission or no-emission vehicles. The value of the 580 EV is all-encompassing.

Curious about this segment-defining backhoe loader? Contact our team today for additional information about the CASE 580 EV and its cost-saving benefits - and don’t hesitate to request a pricing quote as well.