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Enhance all operations with help from the CASE B Series and its SiteWatch system. This intuitive suite enables superior fleet management in BC - providing operators with instant access to crucial metrics and enabling them to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of each task.

Offered on the B Series is the SiteWatch system. This feature delivers a comprehensive view of key telematics to bolster performance. Among its available functions are: 
Equipment Utilization - track each machine’s usage on individual work-sites. Discover which skid steers, compact track loaders, and more are in rotation to improve scheduling and avoid idling. 

Maintenance - examine individual machine histories and eliminate down-time by instantly identifying worrying trends (monitor performance rates to assess whether repairs are needed).

Auditing - improve the billing process by presenting an hour-by-hour presentation of each task, ensuring that performance is accurately measured. 

Through these functions the SiteWatch system ensures that B Series operators maintain a constant connection with both their fleets and their work-sites, generating real-time data that can expedite every task. Examine, assess, and respond with efficiency.

Curious about the B Series and its SiteWatch function? Contact our team today to schedule a demonstration - and don’t hesitate to request a pricing quote as well.