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The struggle is all too familiar - with BC operators straining to see around bulky posts and dusty cages. They contort; they squint; and they (ultimately) guess the correct trajectory, hoping that they haven’t missed an obstacle tucked in the distance.

This scenario proves frustrating… and potentially dangerous; and this is why CASE has paired its B Series with improved visibility. 

Gone is the indecisiveness of the work-site. Instead it has been replaced with LCD clarity. Anchoring the B Series is a new eight-inch display. This unit delivers multi-functional responses, pairing its crisp graphics with superior visibility - with its industry-exclusive split-screen showcasing a wide-angle view of the rear. Navigate tough environments with ease, courtesy of colour-coded gridlines and a back-up camera. These functions work when the machine is in both forward and reverse, assuring maximum support in all conditions. 

By providing B Series operators with an LCD screen, CASE helps to improve both the productivity and safety of every work-site - ensuring that the environment can be assessed in real-time. Instantly gauge conditions, distance parameters, and more with this segment-leading suite.

To learn more about the B Series and its innovative display screen contact our team today.