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Few things undermine performance more than idling. As compact track loaders sit on a work-site - their engines running but their movements stalled - they steadily consume fuel; and this leads to an excess of resources needed to complete each task, as well as an extended strain on the powertrain. 

CASE intends to counter this with its new B Series.

The CASE CTL fleet has been fitted with a series of efficient technologies - intending to eliminate the issues of idling and increase overall fuel distribution. From the new 8-inch LCD touchscreen drivers can access thoughtful systems, including:
Economy Timer - this function allows operators to establish custom settings (up to 30 minutes) and ensures that the machine will disengage the engine if idling beyond those parameters. 

Ignition Timeout - this feature will automatically power down the platform if the key is left in an ON position when not in use, sparing the battery.

Engine Protection - this system will intuitively cut power to the block if specific concerns (such as a repair issue that requires maintenance) are detected. This will ensure that the CTL doesn’t risk further damage and keeps operators from wasting fuel.

Through these functions the B Series can better adapt to work-site demands. To learn more contact our team today.