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Connectivity is the cornerstone of the new CASE G Series. This fleet has been fused with ample digital options - including the SiteConnect Module system. Achieve seamless interfacing and automated support in BC.

Maximize productivity with help from the SiteConnect Module system. This function features precise diagnostics analysis - enabling operators to quickly identify potential issues with their wheel loaders. Achieve optimal fleet management by pairing this tool with your Apple or Android device. Intuitive software upgrades afford improved performance; while you can then run assessments on your machine, generating a real-time list of code updates, telematics data, and more. All key metrics are at your command. 

If a concern is detected on a G Series platform, the SiteConnect Module will then allow a certified CASE technician to access its information (without having to be on-site). This affords quicker responses, enabling remote support whenever required and sparing companies the need for complicated scheduling and down-time. Problems can be addressed with efficiency, and wheel loaders can remain active for longer. Improved productivity is assured.

Want to learn more about the CASE SiteConnect Module and how it impacts the G Series? Contact us today for further information.