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With the unveiling of its new G Series line, CASE Construction Equipment is emphasizing operator control - delivering a series of intuitive features that will enhance performance and improve productivity on every BC work-site. Among these many upgrades is the factory-integrated payload system. 

The optional payload system is intended to simplify the hauling experience, enabling operators to efficiently (and accurately) load trucks, hoppers, and more. Access this function directly from the integrated touchscreen display. From there receive key metric information, such as bucket weight, and keep track of each material used. This feature is fully automated; and through this drivers can avoid over or under filling, as well as gain a better understanding of their cycle times - which can help them identify any gaps in the production process.

Additionally, the payload system can monitor individual customer histories: showcasing past accumulated weights, materials, and more. This can all be fed directly into the CASE SiteWatch telematics function and can bolster operational analytics. The value of this function is to streamline every haul and afford greater precision. 

Want to see the CASE payload system in action? Contact us today to learn more about the G Series line, as well as to request a quote.