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CASE Construction Equipment’s Project Zeus Bringing Industry-First Electric Backhoe Loader to B.C.

(Posted on Dec 16, 2020 at 01:31AM by Billy Kirk)
Imagine a fully electric backhoe loader that produces absolutely zero emissions, minimizes operating costs, slashes maintenance demands, and plays perfectly with local/project-based incentives. OK, now stop imagining, because it’s a pleasant reality thanks to CASE Construction Equipment’s “Project Zeus”—also known as the all-new 580 EV.

The 580 EV (Electric Vehicle) offers owners a 480-volt, 90-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that easily supports the majority of typical eight-hour workdays while almost miraculously still offering an equivalent level of performance to other diesel-powered backhoes. The battery pack is powered by any 220-volt/three-phase connection, making it simple to charge, and it separately juices up the hydraulic motors and drivetrain for sensational breakout forces that rival CASE Construction Equipment’s other backhoe loaders. 


Oh, and let’s not forget the other obvious benefits of electric power: reduced equipment noise and the sincere approval of city governments, all of whom benefit from eliminated emissions.

Inquire today with INLAND about 580 EV backhoe loader availability in 2021—and don’t forget to be a part of our CharityDrive. You can put yourself in the running for the Supercar Experience of a lifetime!