<img src="/images/upload/June-2021/921g-case.png">alt="CASE 921G loading stones into a trailer"/></a>Knowledge isn’t merely power. It’s instead a necessity - with BC fleet operators utilizing real-time information to better respond to tasks. This is why the CASE 921G has been equipped with a series of audio and visual warnings, alerting drivers to potential concerns that can impact projects. This G Series wheel loader delivers key metrics that will assure productivity is maintained.

Among the available warnings for the 921G are:

Maintenance Reminders - this enhanced wheel loader will notify operators when critical service tasks are needed. Receive notifications on filter changes, drive belt replacements, fluid checks, and more to reduce the chance of extended downtimes.

Critical Warnings - this platform monitors crucial functions (such as brake pressure levels and hydraulic oil temperature) and will instantly alert operators to issues as they arise, affording more time to respond and helping to avert potential breakdowns.

Caution Warnings - the 921G ensures that everyday operations (including coolant temperatures, transmission filter performance, and fuel levels) are assessed; and, should a potential issue occur, alerts will be provided.

Through these notifications BC fleet operators can enhance performance - keeping their wheel loaders properly maintained and instantly responding to service issues. To learn more about the new 921G and its warning systems contact our team today.
<img src="/images/upload/June-2021/821g-case.png">alt="CASE 821G dumping sand into a trailer"/></a>The introduction of the CASE 821G offers more than robust power to the BC market (though, none can deny the value of its four-stroke engine and impressive metrics, which include 230 HP and 873 lb.-ft of torque). Instead this G Series model assures an improved on-site experience, with its cabin tailored for operator comfort.

A suspension seat anchors the new 821G. This pairs with an articulated power steering column (complete with tilting functionality) and an adjustable armrest, allowing drivers to achieve ergonomic positions. Multiple storage trays are placed throughout the cabin, as are dual cup-holders; while the side window boasts a partial-open configuration to improve air-flow. Anti-glare striping helps to bolster visibility; and a rubber floor mat promotes a quicker clean-up process.  

Additionally, BC drivers may choose to upgrade the new 821G with the available Cab Convenience Package - which features a coat hook, an ashtray, a rear-mounted sun shade, and a 12-volt accessory port (allowing them to effortlessly sync their digital devices). This further improves the work experience.  

Curious about the G Series 821G and its many comfort features? Contact the Inland Group today for additional information about this and other CASE wheel loaders.
<img src="/images/upload/June-2021/721g-case.png">alt="CASE 721G lifting materials into a truck"/></a>With the release of the 721G enhanced wheel loader CASE delivers adaptability to BC - fusing this G Series model with a variety of upgrades. Discover custom hydraulic options that will improve operations and assure seamless performance. 

Available on the new 721G are ample upgrades. A secondary steering function can be added, while a tire pressure monitoring console tracks pressure levels and warns of potential concerns. Both 2-spool and 4-function loader valves (with joystick controllers) are available, as are proportional auxiliary roller switches; and an integrated payload system enables operators to more efficiently monitor weight levels, material histories, and more from a centralized digital suite. Use this exclusive function to better understand how each machine performs on the work-site.

To complement these options CASE has also paired the new 721G with an available heavy debris cooling system. This function boasts increased fin spacing and a slanted module cover to more effectively maintain temperature outputs. Fuse this enhanced wheel loader with custom capability. 

To learn more about the new G Series 721G contact our team today. We will gladly provide additional product information about these available upgrades, as well as offer a pricing quote.
<img src="images/upload/June-2021/621g-case.png">alt="CASE 621G moving dirt at a work site"/></a>Achieve maximum performance on every BC work-site. The CASE 621G - which is part of the G Series - affords turbocharged capability, providing operators with the strength they need to dominate each task.

Anchoring this enhanced wheel loader is a CASE/FPT F4HFE613W six-cylinder engine. This system - which is mated to a crisp 4F/3R transmission - generates an impressive 172 HP (128 kW) at 1800 RPM and 538 lb.-ft of torque (730 N-m) at 1600 RPM. An integrated turbocharger maximizes performance; while an advanced cooling suite maintains optimal temperatures, utilizing a mid-mounted module with auto-reversing capabilities to combat overheating on the job. Electronic direct-injection technology improves output, assuring all-season power through its #1 Diesel and #2 Diesel compatibility (mix these formulas together during cold conditions to bolster responses). 

Additionally, this G Series platform features an optional 5-speed transmission - which enhances performance through its lock-up torque conversion technology and superior roading speeds (25 MPH). This wheel loader can adapt to every task with ease, helping fleets increase productivity across BC.

Want to learn more about the CASE 621G wheel loader? Contact our team today for further information or to request a pricing quote about available models. 
<img src="images/upload/June-2021/521g-case.png">alt="CASE 521G wheel loader hauling gravel"/></a>Accommodating BC’s rough terrains no longer proves a challenge - because the CASE 521G has been tailored for precision. This enhanced wheel loader (which anchors the G Series line) enables smooth performance at any work-site. 

Standard on the new 521G is a responsive four-wheel-drive. This is ably assisted by limited slip differentials, which supply torque equally among the axles to assure a balanced stance; while the 4F/3R transmission boasts selectable auto-shift functionality to better adapt to changing conditions. Hydraulic wet disc brakes deliver precise pressure, allowing the machine to decelerate with ease; and the CASE/FPT F4HFE413NB engine features an available Smart Mode to ensure optimal control, enhancing output and increasing fuel efficiency (this promotes a smoother response).

Additionally, the G Series 521G offers customisable electro-hydraulic settings - Smooth, Moderate, and Aggressive. Operators can use these to seamlessly adapt to each task and every environment, assuring bespoke performance in BC.

Curious about the new G Series 521G and its drivetrain capabilities? Contact our team today for further information about this enhanced wheel loader from CASE - and don’t hesitate to request a pricing quote as well. We will connect you to the precise performance you need.
Struggle no more with limited telematics and imprecise throttle control. CASE has redefined the wheel loader market, allowing drivers to take advantage of an intuitive configuration that will both simplify and enhance operations. The new G Series has arrived.

The CASE G Series boasts an improved driver experience. Anchoring the cabin is a revised digital touchscreen, which has been mounted strategically to assure easy interfacing (this display is customisable, with all widgets - such as payload metrics and the camera - able to be added directly to the homepage). The electro-hydraulic controls are fully adjustable and can independently direct boom and bucket motions, allowing operators to precisely manoeuvre through each work-site; while crucial functions can be keyed into the pre-program settings application. This ensures maximum convenience when performing repetitive tasks. 

To further enhance operations CASE has paired the G Series with two custom drive-modes - Smart (focusing on economy by improving transmission responses and stabilizing the power-band) and Max (which provides a full-throttle experience). These functions enable precise handling, seamlessly accommodating every work-site demand.

The G Series has been redesigned for the BC market. To learn more about these CASE Construction Equipment wheel loaders - or to request a price quote - contact us today.
Connectivity is the cornerstone of the new CASE G Series. This fleet has been fused with ample digital options - including the SiteConnect Module system. Achieve seamless interfacing and automated support in BC.

Maximize productivity with help from the SiteConnect Module system. This function features precise diagnostics analysis - enabling operators to quickly identify potential issues with their wheel loaders. Achieve optimal fleet management by pairing this tool with your Apple or Android device. Intuitive software upgrades afford improved performance; while you can then run assessments on your machine, generating a real-time list of code updates, telematics data, and more. All key metrics are at your command. 

If a concern is detected on a G Series platform, the SiteConnect Module will then allow a certified CASE technician to access its information (without having to be on-site). This affords quicker responses, enabling remote support whenever required and sparing companies the need for complicated scheduling and down-time. Problems can be addressed with efficiency, and wheel loaders can remain active for longer. Improved productivity is assured.

Want to learn more about the CASE SiteConnect Module and how it impacts the G Series? Contact us today for further information.
With the unveiling of its new G Series line, CASE Construction Equipment is emphasizing operator control - delivering a series of intuitive features that will enhance performance and improve productivity on every BC work-site. Among these many upgrades is the factory-integrated payload system. 

The optional payload system is intended to simplify the hauling experience, enabling operators to efficiently (and accurately) load trucks, hoppers, and more. Access this function directly from the integrated touchscreen display. From there receive key metric information, such as bucket weight, and keep track of each material used. This feature is fully automated; and through this drivers can avoid over or under filling, as well as gain a better understanding of their cycle times - which can help them identify any gaps in the production process.

Additionally, the payload system can monitor individual customer histories: showcasing past accumulated weights, materials, and more. This can all be fed directly into the CASE SiteWatch telematics function and can bolster operational analytics. The value of this function is to streamline every haul and afford greater precision. 

Want to see the CASE payload system in action? Contact us today to learn more about the G Series line, as well as to request a quote.