When Construction Equipment Magazine unveiled its Top 100 none were surprised to see the CASE E Series listed among the award recipients. This next-generation vibratory roller fleet - which boasts both double drum and combination configurations - promised dynamic capabilities in BC; and its innovative upgrades proved perfect for accommodating tight-quarter transportation, assuring improved operations in even the most challenging locations. 

The E Series is intended to simplify the work-site experience. It pairs a high curb clearance with a narrow design, affording superior manoeuvrability; while its lack of an overhang assures seamless cornering. Seven models (including the DV23E Double Drum Roller, the DV26CE Combination Roller, and the DV45CE Combination Roller) boast enhanced capabilities, generating between 33.5 HP and 43.9 HP; while integrated operator settings (soft-drive and hard-drive) improve overall control by regulating speed outputs. Available automatic or manual vibration settings promote precise handling in all conditions; a pressurized water system ensures consistent spray performance; and an optional rear locking differential enables balanced responses. Compromise no more.

With the introduction of the E Series CASE Construction Equipment brings peerless control to the BC market. To learn more about these vibration rollers (or to request a quote) contact us today.