<img src="/images/upload/June-2021/tr270b-case-ctl.png">alt="CASE TR270B CTL lifting hay with bucket attachment"/></a>Dominate every challenge with help from the TR270B. This compact track loader - which serves as part of CASE’s B Series - offers a robust powertrain that enables operators to efficiently (and effectively) respond to work-site demands. 

Anchoring the new TR270B is a 3.4L engine. This turbocharged block promises dynamic performance in BC, delivering a SAE operating load of 2,700 pounds. Assisted by both a 120-amp alternator and a 1,000 CCA 12-volt battery, it generates up to 74 HP (55 kW) and 232 lb.-ft of torque (314 Nm); while a two-speed hydro-static two-wheel-drive affords superior movement on rough terrain. Additionally, this machine proves efficient - earning its Tier 4 status through both a high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel injection system and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). 

Further improving the performance of the B Series TR270B is the optional high-flow hydraulic system. This yields up to 3,050 psi at 32.4 gpm (greatly increasing the standard 24.2 gpm rating) to maximize attachment possibilities. This compact track loader will prove ideal for every work-site.

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<img src="/images/upload/June-2021/case-tr270b-b-series.png">alt="CASE TR270B compact track loader using drill attachment beside a white house; the operator is visible through the front window"/></a>Demand more than high-performance on the job. The new B Series TR270B boasts ample interior upgrades - enabling BC operators to experience unprecedented comfort while working.

Slide into this compact track loader and discover a padded seat with integral arm-rests. A foot-rest is provided to reduce muscle fatigue, while a cup-holder is strategically positioned to ensure easy access. The instrument cluster has also been thoughtfully designed, allowing for quick information assessments (monitor the hour meter, tachometer, and LCD fuel bar graph).

For those craving additional comfort CASE offers a bevy of upgrades for the TR270B. The cabin can be fully sealed to ensure four-season usage, while a glass door boasts an integrated wiper and washer feature to maintain clear visibility. Removable side windows are available to promote improved air-flow, and both a heater and AC unit are provided as well. Additionally, a two-speaker AM/FM system (complemented by Bluetooth links) affords ample entertainment. Drivers can customize this compact track loader to their specific interior needs.

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<img src="/upload/June-2021/case-b-series-tr270b.png">alt="CASE TR270B compact track loader in a front yard and using a drill attachment"/></a>Compromise no more in BC. The CASE B Series TR270B compact track loader can be fitted with a series of upgrades - allowing operators to customize their performance outputs and achieve superior handling.

To adapt more efficiently to work-site demands, pair the TR270B with available 1.22-m pallet forks. Road lights and four-corner LED strobes illuminate all environments to assure optimal visibility, while add-on counterweights can be attached to improve handling and lessen vibration. A bolt-on heavy-duty bucket spill guard can be added to reduce waste, and an eight-inch LCD colour-display is offered to maximize telematics. Use this system to more seamlessly engage with fleet management software and streamline operations.

Further enhancing the TR270B is the inclusion of the Creep Speed Mode. This function allows drivers to set custom speed patterns for their CTLs and their attachments - creating an independent articulation that can accommodate unique conditions. This assures smoother control in BC.

With the introduction of the new B Series TR270B CASE is bringing bespoke performance to the commercial market, enabling operators to more efficiently adapt to each project. To learn more about this compact track loader - or to request a pricing quote - contact our team at your earliest convenience.  
Enhance all operations with help from the CASE B Series and its SiteWatch system. This intuitive suite enables superior fleet management in BC - providing operators with instant access to crucial metrics and enabling them to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of each task.

Offered on the B Series is the SiteWatch system. This feature delivers a comprehensive view of key telematics to bolster performance. Among its available functions are: 
Equipment Utilization - track each machine’s usage on individual work-sites. Discover which skid steers, compact track loaders, and more are in rotation to improve scheduling and avoid idling. 

Maintenance - examine individual machine histories and eliminate down-time by instantly identifying worrying trends (monitor performance rates to assess whether repairs are needed).

Auditing - improve the billing process by presenting an hour-by-hour presentation of each task, ensuring that performance is accurately measured. 

Through these functions the SiteWatch system ensures that B Series operators maintain a constant connection with both their fleets and their work-sites, generating real-time data that can expedite every task. Examine, assess, and respond with efficiency.

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Streamline the production process with help from the CASE B Series. These compact track loaders have been redesigned - allowing operators to achieve precise controls and seamless handling on every work-site. 


The interior of the B Series has been revised, affording an improved operator experience. The electro-hydraulic joysticks now feature a narrower configuration, allowing for easier grippage; while their switches boast more ergonomic locations to lessen fatigue. The pods have also been reduced in size to enhance leg room and promote greater comfort on the work-site. Additionally, servo-assistance is available for mechanically-controlled models. 

To further improve performance the B Series has been fitted with the Creep Speed feature. This system allows the operator to better control output - choosing a specific speed pattern for the machine while simultaneously (and independently) creating a different setting for the attachments. This throttle-based option enhances precision and enables drivers to effectively respond to changing conditions, ensuring a more intuitive experience. 

With the release of the B Series CASE Construction Equipment is fusing each task with simplicity. To learn more about these compact track loaders contact our team today - and don’t hesitate to request a pricing quote as well.
The struggle is all too familiar - with BC operators straining to see around bulky posts and dusty cages. They contort; they squint; and they (ultimately) guess the correct trajectory, hoping that they haven’t missed an obstacle tucked in the distance.

This scenario proves frustrating… and potentially dangerous; and this is why CASE has paired its B Series with improved visibility. 

Gone is the indecisiveness of the work-site. Instead it has been replaced with LCD clarity. Anchoring the B Series is a new eight-inch display. This unit delivers multi-functional responses, pairing its crisp graphics with superior visibility - with its industry-exclusive split-screen showcasing a wide-angle view of the rear. Navigate tough environments with ease, courtesy of colour-coded gridlines and a back-up camera. These functions work when the machine is in both forward and reverse, assuring maximum support in all conditions. 

By providing B Series operators with an LCD screen, CASE helps to improve both the productivity and safety of every work-site - ensuring that the environment can be assessed in real-time. Instantly gauge conditions, distance parameters, and more with this segment-leading suite.

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Few things undermine performance more than idling. As compact track loaders sit on a work-site - their engines running but their movements stalled - they steadily consume fuel; and this leads to an excess of resources needed to complete each task, as well as an extended strain on the powertrain. 

CASE intends to counter this with its new B Series.

The CASE CTL fleet has been fitted with a series of efficient technologies - intending to eliminate the issues of idling and increase overall fuel distribution. From the new 8-inch LCD touchscreen drivers can access thoughtful systems, including:
Economy Timer - this function allows operators to establish custom settings (up to 30 minutes) and ensures that the machine will disengage the engine if idling beyond those parameters. 

Ignition Timeout - this feature will automatically power down the platform if the key is left in an ON position when not in use, sparing the battery.

Engine Protection - this system will intuitively cut power to the block if specific concerns (such as a repair issue that requires maintenance) are detected. This will ensure that the CTL doesn’t risk further damage and keeps operators from wasting fuel.

Through these functions the B Series can better adapt to work-site demands. To learn more contact our team today.
Commercial performance has received an upgrade - with CASE delivering its award-winning B Series to the BC market. This fleet (which features five compact track loaders and eight skid steers) received recognition from Construction Equipment Magazine, earning a place among its Top 100; and Canadian operators are reaping the benefits.

Anchoring the B Series are next-generation CTLs and skid steers. Each has been fitted with a series of upgrades, affording superior performance in BC. Operator interfaces have been reconfigured to promote more efficient handling, utilizing intuitive core machine switch designs and revised throttle responses; while an eight-inch LCD monitor assures split-screen functionality to maximize front and rear views. Electro-hydraulic controls bolster capability, and an integrated Economy Mode optimises fuel distribution to create a more efficient work-site experience (as shown in the video below). 

These upgrades enabled the B Series to secure its place among the Top 100 list; and, more importantly, they now afford precise operator control. Seamlessly accommodate every challenge in BC and beyond. 

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